The Jackson Pollock (Codepen)

Michael Munsie Front End Engineer Kyoto Cooling BV @munstrocity

See the Pen The Jackson Pollock by Michael Munsie (@mikemunsie) on CodePen.

I made this by mistake, and it's pretty cool :)

This is actually quite a funny story. I was working more on my sprite engine tonight and was adding in the ability for circle sprites. Once I got that in, I started playing around to make sure everything was working. So I made some circles appear and disappear, dynamically changed sizes, did the whole color pulse thing, and then completely geeked out to my wife to show her all the cool little effects I can do.

As we joked around about all the animations I could make, I then thought it would be fun to show a trail of the circle as it went around the canvas. So I did that and it looked pretty cool. A few more experiments later, my ADD brain realized, "Hey, this looks like modern art... wait a minute, I want to try something!" - so then I googled Jackson Pollock and figured what the hell - why not try and create something similar

So a few iterations later, I get something that looked kinda "meh" – like a blur of colors. I started adjusting colors and then while doing so I made a typo... this unexpected typo gave my image the modern effect it needed! I kept iterating and then ended up with the result you see here.

Lesson learned: Mistakes are your friend :)